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Master in Pharmacy - Pharmaceutics (M. Pharm - Pharmaceutics)

  • Duration2 Yrs
  • Intake18

M Pharm in Pharmaceutics is the science of the formulation and production of various medications. The program gives information on the numerous advancements in medication, the pharmacy industry and drug delivery operations that have occurred. It is concerned with the pharmaceutical production process. Students will understand how pharmaceuticals are developed and manufactured in businesses. It entails the use of cutting-edge techniques in drug manufacture, drug delivery systems, product creation, and advanced analytical procedures.

M Pharm Pharmaceutics is a futuristic course that will aid students in learning and understanding the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. It also educates you about the technologies utilized by pharmaceutical businesses to manufacture their products. M. Pharm Pharmaceutics offers a variety of career opportunities, making it easy for you to pick based on your interests. You can select between core jobs and non-core jobs. After earning an M.Pharm. in Pharmaceutics, you can pursue a career in the field of education, where you can do research, teach, and so on. There are job prospects in manufacturing, drug regulatory affairs, and drug development, among other fields. PhD in Pharmacy or other relevant disciplines are some other popular options after obtaining an M. Pharm Pharmaceutics degree.


Candidates for admission to first year of the Master of Pharmacy Post-Graduate Degree course shall be required to have passed the B.Pharmacy Degree of The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University or any other University recognized as equivalent thereto by the authority of the Medical University.

Scope of the Course

  • Drug research and formulation development, designing and investigating various potential dosage forms for a particular drug substance.
  • Development of analytical and microbiological methodologies essential for the testing and validation of a particular product.
  • Government agencies, research institutions and at academic institution.