header-logo.png SenghundharCollege of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The subject of Pharmaceutical Chemistry plays a vital role in grooming a student into a true Pharma Professional. A deep knowledge on the design of Newer Chemical Entities, their molecular and bio-isosteric modifications developed to target drugs to the specific targets, elucidation and characterization of compounds, isolation of a bioactive compound from various natural products, QSAR, Docking, combinatorial and microwave techniques are extremely interesting and innovative.

The laboratories are well equipped to train students in practical concepts and in research in the area of Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Biochemistry and phyto chemistry.

Facilities are available for pursuing research in the area of

  • molecular modeling
  • synthesis of novel lead molecules
  • microwave synthesis
  • isolation of phytochemicals from plants